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Personalized infinity bracelet with 2 names Dhs. 221.00 Dhs. 247.00
Handmade personalised infinity bracelet with 2 names, nice peice allowing you to always be connected to your beloved ones.Material: 925 Sterling SilverLength: 19 cmTo order, please fill in the name1 & name2 fields and note that name shouldn't exeed 8 letters. It takes 3-4 days to get your wonderful personalised peice ready for shipping.
925 Silver - Handmade Personalized Bracelet with heart charm Dhs. 168.00
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Length: Extendable 16 Cm or 17 CM or 18 CM
925 Silver - Handmade Personalized Baby Bracelet Dhs. 231.00
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Length: 10CM + 3CM extension Plate Size: 2.5 CM
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